Stainless Steel Custom D6 Tournament Dominoes

Pictured below are a few sets of different custom domino sets we have created over the years. Our premium dominoes are CNC machined from billet 304 stainless steel. These billet stainless bones are tournament sized at 2.125" long, 1.062" wide and .406" thick. They all feature 1/8" radiused corners and edges. At 4 ounces per tile these are the heaviest dominoes available at any price point. Our dominoes can be hand polished to a chrome like finish, or tumbled to a long lasting satin finish. Unlike anodized aluminum there is no surface coating that will eventually scratch, flake or chip off from use. These are truly an heirloom item that can be passed down through generations. These can be ordered as tiles only or in a custom machined storage box. The boxes are typically machined from high density Delrin plastic. The boxes feature easy to open thumb screws for simple and secure storage. Our bones can be customized on the back face with any graphic or text you would like. Please email for a price quote on your customization needs or to order our standard blank back set. As with all of our items discounts will apply for volume quantity orders. Contact Us for your custom order needs. For your convenience this item is occassionally available on our Etsy Store