Metal Casino Dice

Our 6 sided dice are machined from a variety of materials. They are designed to be the exact size and layout as an official casino die. These dice feature 45 degree angled edges for a sleek, modern look. They feature a tumbled surface finish. These make a great addition for any collector or serious dice gamer. Custom dice can be created in different dimensions or pip configurations. Please Contact Us if you are interested in custom dice creation. As with all of our items discounts apply for volume quantity orders. For your convenience these items are available on our Etsy Store


This photo is an example of the progression of manufacturing from raw material bar stock to the finished product. 

304 Stainless Steel Dice

Pictured here is our stock item stainless steel casino sized dice. 

Pictured here is a pair of our stainless steel dice. 

304 Stainless Steel Roman Numeral Die

Pictured here is our stock item stainless steel Roman numeral Die. Although Roman numerals replace the pips the layout of the die remains the same as a standard casino die. 

Grade 2 Titatnium Die

Pictured here is a single titanium die. 

Pictured here is a pair of titanium dice.

Pictured here is a titanium version of our Roman Numeral dice. 

Brass Dice

Our CNC Machined 360 brass dice are dimensionally identical to our titanium and stainless offerings. 

Pictured here is a pair of brass dice.

Pictured here is a brass version of our Roman Numeral dice. 

Pictured here is our stainless steel sniper dice. They feature a mil dot reticle on the single pip face. 

Custom metal dice are one of our specialties. Shown here is a pair of grade 5 custom titanium dice with our logo milled into the single pip face. Contact us to get your logo machined into a set of dice for you. 

Dice Holder

Display your premium dice proudly in one of our custom dice holder stands. These are designed to perfectly fit all of our casino sized die. Machined from 304 Stainless steel this hand polished stand will look amazing anywhere that you put it. 

Pictured here is our dice holder displaying a set of cutom dice where the single pip side was replaced with a sniper scope mil dot reticle. 

8 Sided Stainless Die

RPG players will love our stainless 8d offering. CNC machined from billet 304 stainless steel. These percision metal dice will last forever.

Pictured here is a pair of our 8 sided stainless dice.

Love Dice

For anyone looking to add some adventure to their adult activities these premium love dice are sure to please. Machined from 1" square 304 Stainless Steel these dice are built to last. They feature a full radius on all corners and edges to be smooth against any skin they come in contact with. 

LCR Dice Game

Pictured here is a premium 304 stainless steel version of the classic dice game Left, Right, Center that we manufactured for our personal collection. 

ABC Dice Game

Shown here is a set of our ABC dice. After being threatened by the manufacturers of LCR we decided to create our own version of the popular Left, Right, Center game. Our version plays the same way as LCR and Left, Right, Center, but ours is Ahead, Behind, Center. This option allows you to support Premium American Manufacturing rather overseas outsourcing. 




Stainless Sniper