Precision Custom Machining


Miscellaneous Inventory Items

Many of these items can be found at our Etsy store. Those that are not found on Etsy can be purchased directly through us on email. Please Contact Us with your needs. 


EGR Block Off Plates

Pictured here is a custom set of L67 EGR block off plates. This is the identical kit we ran on our shop GTP for many years. Machined from billet 6061 alumnium and black anodized this kit will serve you well on your path to reliable horsepower. 

L67 Throttle Body Spacer

This 1/4" phenolic throttle body spacer will help fight KR in your L67 platform. Sandwich between your M90 blower and your throttle body this heat isolator can help lower incoming air temperature. 

Dart Barrels

Constructed from 303 stainless steel or 360 brass these dart barrels are precision machined for balanced weight and perfect lengths. They are machined to 1.75" long and .312" in diameter. The stainless barrels weigh 14 grams each and the brass weigh 15 grams each. These are used by members of our own soft point dart team with great success. Contact us today for a set of your own or to have a custom set made to your size and material needs. 

Stainless Steel Golf Ball Marker

Machined from 303 stainless steel our golf ball markers give you an opportunity to personalize your golf experience. 

We have a variety of different stock golf ball markers like this biohazard version. 

Here is another standard design ball marker that we carry. 

BS Grinder/Do Nothing Machine

Long before television or internet toys were often handmade. One popular item in New England was called a Bullsh!t Grinder. You may also know it as a "Do nothing machine." Although simple in basic design it is a very entertaining piece of engineering. We have taken the basic wooden design and machined it using top quality materials and tight machining tolerances to create a genuine work of art. Black delrin plastic and stainless steel compliment each other perfectly in this precision version of an early 20th century classic. Spin the handle for a smooth friction free rotation. 

Bottom face of the BS Grinder

Ski-Doo Pull Start Handle

Machined from 6061 billet aluminum this pull handle is the perfect accent for your Ski-Doo snowmobile. Anodized in black or clear this metal option looks better and will last longer than the factory plastic offering. Although this was manufactured specifically for the Ski Doo Rev chasis it has been used on most other makes and models successfully. 

Pictured here is the opposite side of the pull handle demonstrating an industrial type look with stainless steel screws flush mounted.

Ski Doo Pull Start Handle in clear anodize

Tap Guide Blocks

These guide blocks are designed to help the user maintain proper alignment of a tap into a pilot hole to be threaded. Trying to visually estimate perpendicularity can be tough. These blocks eliminate the guess work for a perfectly threaded hole. Made from 1018 steel they come in both metric and standard sizes. A similar set of blocks has been used in our shop since it opened. These fit all taps up to 1/2" on the standard block or 12mm on the metric block.